5 Reasons Why Pay-Per-Click Advertising Makes Sense

Even if your business is doing really well, it could always do better, right? Pay-Per-Click Advertising (or PPC) is a superb way to boost your sales and reach a wider audience. If you are already bringing in organic traffic through SEO, and you feel like you have reached your peak there, then why not expand out into the paid side of marketing? You can potentially bring in a lot more customers to your site. We’re going to look at some of the ways this marketing method can be profitable for you.

You Pay as People Click

When you use PPC marketing, you only have to pay the search engine provider if someone clicks on your ad. You don’t just pay to have the ad put up there for everyone to see. Each click brings new eyes to your site, and it also sends a little money to the search engine. These clicks only cost you cents or fractions of cents, but every so often, a click can result in a new customer and a sale. Some of those clicks are even going to bring in lifelong customers, all for just pennies. Is there any other kind of marketing investment that holds that much potential? It’s a lot different using PPC advertising than traditional marketing, where you put your money in and hope someone not only sees your ad but is interested enough to visit your site. The kind of return on investment it can give you is incredible.

You Determine the Budget

When you sign up for a PPC package, you get to set how much you are going to spend on it. You would think that if the clicks just keep on coming, then you could end up paying more and more, even when you don’t have the money for it. But that’s not quite how it works. You can actually set a budget with the search engine provider. Tell them how much you are willing to spend, and they will stop showing your ad and charging you money when your ad reaches the requisite number of clicks. That puts the power to control costs in your hands.

You Determine the Advertising Target

With PPC marketing, you can decide when your ad is shown and to whom. You can tell the search engine provider what kind of people should get to see your site. You do this by telling the provider which types of sites your ad should be shown on and what your potential customer would be interested in. Then the provider will make sure your ad shows up in the right spots. This maximizes your investment and aims your ad in the right direction so it is more likely to be seen by people who will want to buy from you.

You Get Results Faster

Now, it Is not guaranteed, but there is the potential to start seeing some great results with PPC very quickly. If you have used organic marketing, such as SEO, in the past, then you know that while it is important for long-term gains, it can take some time before you start seeing much of a difference in traffic or sales. But with PPC, your ad can get out in front of customers that same day as you set up your account. That can mean almost immediate results, and that’s good for your bottom line.

PPC Can Improve Your Other Marketing Methods

We just covered how you can get results really quick with PPC marketing, and that speed can help inform and improve your other marketing measures. When you use organic marketing, sometimes you are just using keywords that you hope will yield dividends, but they might not be. You may end up not seeing the results you hoped from those keywords, and you probably won’t know they weren’t very successful until weeks after you implement them. With PPC marketing, you can find out how effective certain keywords are right away. Your ads should be getting in front of people very quickly, so you can start to tell almost immediately if you need to use different keywords or stick with what you already have.

PPC also serves as a good way to test out new products and promotions. You can see how consumers respond to them and compare their performance against older products and promotions. That way, you can see what works and what doesn’t and be able to make changes to improve sales.